Bringing Transparency to Purchasing

Stimulus uses data & analytics to help companies make better purchasing decisions powered by AI.

Build Better Relationships


Discover suppliers using multiple search criteria including industry, company size, location, product, and certification. Discover suppliers within your own supply chain and through our growing ecosystem of 1M suppliers.


Access detailed profile pages to evaluate current or prospective suppliers who meet the required criteria for your organization, team, or project. Stimulus gathers up to 90 data points on each supplier so you can objectively compare the suppliers you are evaluating.


Manage your supplier relationships, including project status, budget, and supplier status - all in one platform. Stimulus helps various stakeholders collaborate to achieve purchasing goals - and at the end of the project, each member can contribute an evaluation for future reference.

Companies shouldn’t have to struggle to Make Data-Driven Purchases


The current supplier search, selection, and evaluation process is manual and inefficient.


Integrating multiple software applications is time-intensive and expensive.


There is no common criteria or methodology to evaluate a supplier or find potential alternatives.

What our happy customers are saying

PromptWorks, LLC

"Promptworks partnered with Stimulus to streamline our vendor discovery and comparison process — saving time, increasing efficiency, and fostering collaboration.” Operations Manager, Promptworks.

Penn Medicine

 “We use the Stimulus platform because we now have robust inventory and information on minority vendors. And we can now track performance and manage projects on one platform.” Corporate Director, Penn Medicine.

Economy League

“The Stimulus platform is a superior product among those currently available in the market. To be able to track data in the ways in which this platform can, in the detail that it can get to, I've never seen before. My team is very impressed with the user interface of this platform.” PAGE Director, The Economy League.

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