October 26th - 27th, 2022

Stimulus uses Data & Analytics to help companies make better purchasing decisions

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October 26th, 2022
5:30pm EST
Richmond, VA

Build better Relationships

Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Platform (SRIP) combines data insights, relationship-building tools, and a proprietary score to help companies make the best purchasing decisions while optimizing and growing their supplier network.


Discover suppliers using multiple search criteria including industry, company size, location, product, and certification.


Access detailed profile pages to evaluate current or prospective suppliers who meet the required criteria for your organization, team, or project.


Manage your supplier relationships, including project status, budget, and supplier status - all in one platform.

Benefits of using SRIP

Improve the Bottom Line

Track vendor progress every step of the way and close the feedback loop for future projects.

Reduce Operational Inefficiencies

Spend time partnering with vendors, not searching for them.

Strengthen & Diversify your Supply Chain

Reduce risk and gain resilience through optimized discovery and diversification.

Enhance Visibility and Collaboration

Optimize outcomes with cross-functional transparency and reporting.

Maximize Spend with Data-Driven Insights

Comprehensive profiles with up to 90 data points including diversity status provides critical, just-in-time information.

Stimulus @ SWaMFest 2022

October 26th, 2022, 5:30pm EST, Richmond, VA

What our customers are saying

"Promptworks partnered with Stimulus to streamline our vendor discovery and comparison process — saving time, increasing efficiency, and fostering collaboration.”

Operations Manager, Promptworks

“We use the Stimulus platform because we now have robust inventory and information on minority vendors. And we can now track performance and manage projects on one platform.”

Corporate Director, Penn Medicine

“The Stimulus platform is a superior product among those currently available in the market. To be able to track data in the ways in which this platform can, in the detail that it can get to, I've never seen before. My team is very impressed with the user interface of this platform.”

PAGE Director, The Economy League


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