Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Platform (SRIP)

SRIP combines data insights, relationship-building tools, and a proprietary score to help companies make the best purchasing decisions while optimizing and growing their supplier network. Stimulus’ makes it more efficient for companies to choose the right suppliers, fulfill business objectives including location-based and (DEI) criteria by easily comparing suppliers using relevant metrics and data points, and quickly matching them to available contract opportunities....

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SRIP Overview

Supplier Overview and Discovery

Discover qualified suppliers within the Stimulus ecosystem. Consolidate data from various sources using the Stimulus API, providing a single source of truth.

Supplier Comparison

Compare and measure suppliers using up to 90 data points and our proprietary Stimulus Score.

Project Management and Evaluation

Create projects with customizable goals/criteria and evaluate vendors' performance every step of the way.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive a combination of internal and external alerts to notify the team on project changes, company updates, latest news etc.


Review spend patterns by industry, category, and location. Identify opportunities to diversify suppliers and mitigate risk with accurate reporting.

Relationship Mapping

Manage supplier relationships by tracking their spend, projects, and status: considered, qualified,  shortlisted, or awarded.

Our Value

Reduce Operational Inefficiencies

Spend time partnering with vendors, not searching for them.

Increase your Bottom Line

Track vendor progress every step of the way and close the feedback loop for future projects.

Enhance Visibility and Collaboration

Optimize outcomes with cross-functional transparency and reporting.

Maximize Spend with Data-Driven Insights

Comprehensive profiles with up to 90 data points provide critical, just-in-time information.

Strengthen your Supply Chain

Reduce risk and gain resilience through optimized discovery and diversification.