Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Platform (SRIP)

Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Platform (SRIP) uses data & analytics to help companies make better purchasing decisions. Our platform provides rich, relevant insights and real-time data analysis, enabling buyers to find suppliers at the right time.

We leverage API’s from internal and external data sources to provide visibility, enhance decision-making and to promote communication of supplier utilization. This allows teams to avoid risks and save costs by identifying business opportunities and disruptions across the supply chain.

SRIP Overview

Access consolidated vendor/supplier data

Connect to multiple data sources, import that data to process and normalize and present it in a singular view for the user.


SRIP access via REST JSON API allowing our web app to connect to 3rd party sources.

Leverage Augmented Data

SRIP will provide augmented vendor/supplier data acquired from 3rd party sources and other SRIP customers.

Vendor/Supplier search and evaluation

Assign scores to vendors/suppliers based on search criteria provided by the user and Stimulus proprietary algorithms.


Create custom reports using the integrated reporting tool, PowerBI plus export data via the platform.

Features Detailed

Provide real-time insights on:

Top Suppliers: Detailed profiles including internal and external data sources.


Projects: User-created open, in-progress, and recently completed.


Alerts: Tailored alerts such as company score changes, news and more.


Stimulus Score: Showcasing buyer rankings of individual suppliers.